Guided Motorsport Tours in RV Motorhomes to some of the most iconic motorsport events

Nascar All Star Sprint Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Each year Charlotte Motor Speedway holds it's Nascar All Star Sprint race where drivers race for a $1,000,000 winner takes all prize. This extremely exciting race is held at night and has proven to be a great spectacle as the drivers vie to take that coveted million dollar prize. 

All the leading Sprint Cup drivers race in four segments over the night to decide the final grid line up, for the last 10 lap mad dash to a $1 million.

Most of the Nascar teams are based around Charlotte and we will visit some of them including Hendrick Motorsports and Penske Racing. The line up of Daytona 500 winners, (right), at Hendrick Motorsports is amazing.  The cars are just as they finished the race, with all the race grime and confetti all over them.


The line up of Nascars being race prepared at Penske Racing is also something to see (below). We will also visit RK Motors car collection and the Nascar Hall of Fame Museum in downtown Charlotte.